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"This is the method that I have developed throughout my entire career, and through this program, I would like to share it with all my colleague writers."

James V. Hart

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  • Apply the HartChart TO THEIR OWN STORY, for outlining first draft or re-writes.

  • Master the HartChart method, a powerfull technique oriented to build character driven narratives on a solid story structure.

  • Meet the HartChart app, a story mapping tool that will allow them to have a visual representation of the emotional journey of their characters.

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Some of James V. Hart´s credits include: Hook (Spielberg), Bram Stoker´s Dracula (Coppola), Contact (Zemeckis), August Rush, Muppets Treasure Island, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider - The Cradle of Life and the animated adventure Epic.

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During his 40-year career at the top of the global film industry, James V. Hart has shared his desk with iconic figures such as Francis Ford Coppola, Steven Spielberg, Robert Zemeckis and Carl Sagan.

From each one of them he has learned important lessons that have shaped him as a writer and that remain with him to this day.

All that experience, work and knowledge has been translated into a working method that has allowed him to have a timeless career in the industry.

A series of 10 essential questions (Core and Bonus Questions), crucial moments (Signposts) and a story mapping tool (HartChart app) are the key elements that allow building character driven narratives on a solid story structure, and today, James wants to share it with you.

With this method, you will never face that blank page again.

“Jim Hart is not only a great storyteller himself but a brilliant investigator into the mysterious, alchemical art of bringing stories to life.”

Graham Moore, Oscar winning Screenwriter, The Imitation Game

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This is the place where all the concepts of the HartChart Method come together, a great ally for the creation of narrative structures driven by characters: The HartChart App.

This app invites to answer the essential questions (Core and Bonus Questions) and define each of the crucial moments (Signposts) that will make up the first steps to build the foundation of a narrative.


Events and actions are drawn pulse by pulse, assigning a positive or negative value according to the emotional impact of the beat on the character.


The highs and lows allow to easily identify the rhythm that the story takes from the journey of each of the characters.

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“It is extremely rare for a working screenwriter to share his methods. This bundle of useful ideas should be in the sea chest of every storyteller who sails the seas of imagination.

Chris Vogler, author The Writer’s Journey and Memo From The Story Department

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•   3 Online live sessions with James V. Hart.

•   4 Online live sessions with an official HartChart instructor.

•   New content every week during the program.

•   James V. Hart interviews with directors, writers and academics.

•   James V. Hart most personal experiences From writer to writer.

•   Tutorials on using the HartChart app.

•   A year subscription to the HartChart app.

•   Access to sample charts.

•   Support material for you to apply the HartChart Method to your own story.

•   Access to all content for review for 6 months, including recording of live online sessions.

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1st WEEK

Introduction to the Hart Method


Core and Bonus Questions.


Hosted by J.V. Hart


2nd WEEK

General Structure


Signposts and the classic Three Acts Structure.


Hosted by Official Instructor


3rd WEEK

Deep into Act 1


From “Set the World” to “Visible Tangible Goal”.

Hosted by Official Instructor


4th WEEK

Deep into Act 2


From “Progress and Setbacks” to “Plan Falls Appart”.


Hosted by Official Instructor

5th WEEK

Deep into Act 3

From the “Resurrection Opportunity” to “Satisfying Ending”.


Hosted by Official Instructor


6th WEEK

TV Series

Charting a whole seasson


Hosted by Official Instructor


7th WEEK

From the chart to the scene


Building scenes and final Q&A


Hosted by J.V. Hart